Awe-inspiring sightseeing Hayden Hurst Youth Jersey , satiating feasting, and alluring shopping 鈥?there is seemingly no end to the number of rewards for booking tickets to Cairo. With sheer modernism at one corner and enchanting traditionalism at another - a visit to Cairo is all about experiencing the spate of different emotions like awe, bewilderment and ecstasy.

Wonderful skyline by the serene River Nile; culturally infused vibrant ambience; glorious, historical remnants; pungent aroma of mint tea and always smiling denizens roaming at bustling souks make Cairo, a city of different characters. Its everlasting charm leaves one speechless and lure back time and again. And once Justin Tucker Youth Jersey , you are here it is absolutely difficult to resist the everlasting splendour of its glistening gems.

Pyramids of Giza

Synonymic to Egypt and one of the major reasons for the high demand of air tickets to Cairo, Pyramids of Giza are among the Seven Wonders of the World. A visit to the place enlightens one about the scientific and technological advancement of the ancient period and offers the opportunity to witness the finest designs of the centuries old structures. The largest - The Great Pyramid of Cheops is the major attraction of the place. There is a Solar Boat Museum nearby where many wooden boats are brilliantly preserved and visitors can also feast the eyes with a renowned sound and light shows.

The Egyptian Museum

An ultimate destination for historical buffs grabbing airline tickets to Cairo, The Egyptian Museum or the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities is overwhelmingly a huge place to witness. Repository of over 120,000 artefacts, the legendary place is a true place of beholding the magic of bygone era of Egypt. The museum has Royal Mummy Room containing more than 25 royal mummies and corpses of pharaohs like Seti I and his son Ramses II. Tutankhamun Galleries exhibiting the gold funerary mask is also key attraction in the museum.

Coptic Museum

Located in Coptic Cairo in Old Cairo Trace McSorley Womens Jersey , Coptic Museum is visited by almost every traveller who grabs air tickets to Cairo. Home to the largest collection of Coptic artwork in the world, the imposing museum oozes the majesty from every nook and cranny. Here the outstanding architecture greets the visitor and the vast artefacts including carved stones, textiles, metalwork, manuscripts Iman Marshall Womens Jersey , stucco, frescoes and woodwork leave one in awe. Astonishing Coptic textiles, elaborately carved ivories and vivid Nubian paintings of Lake Nassar are among the key attractions of the museum.

Islamic Art Museum

Located at 5-minute walk from the southern gate of Fatimad city, Bab Zuweila and one of the best museums in the city, Islamic Art Museum boasts the refined collection of Islamic artworks covering the Fatimid Ben Powers Womens Jersey , Ayyubid, Mamluk and Ottoman periods. Carpets, stucco, manuscripts of Quran, calligraphies Justice Hill Womens Jersey , mosque lamps, woodwork, intarsia, metalwork and textiles are among the key exhibits of the museum.

The Citadel, Cairo

The expansive complex of The Citadel is like a treasure trove of fascinating museums Miles Boykin Womens Jersey , heavenly palaces and stunning mosques. Mohammed Ali Mosque, Police Museum, Sultan Al-Nasir Mosque, Al-Gawhara (Jewel) Palace, Carriage Museum Jaylon Ferguson Womens Jersey , Archaeological Museum, Military Museum, Suleyman Pasha Mosque and Bab el-Azab are among the popular attractions of the site.

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