beautiful designs possible: Begin with assessing the site you have in mind for your potential garden. Since most herbs need a lot of sunlight, anywhere from four to six hours on average, you'll want to choose an area with a lot of natural light unless you've chosen those herbs that can still thrive in partial sun. Take the climate where you live into
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consideration when planting herbs. Ask for some advice from professionals, join a local garden club or take a free class to learn more. Visit the library or log online to read about the countless herbs that not only look pretty but smell enticing and taste delicious. Before buying any seeds or plants consider your ultimate purpose for the garden. Are culinary
herbs most appealing, or would you rather have crops suitable for medicinal purposes? Herbs used in potpourri may look different from those used in cooking or for creating herbal teas. Experiment with different placements, keeping herbs in their original containers and setting them next to various types to see if they're aesthetically appealing. Besides
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