is used often. Estimate also bad views, which should be screened in the garden rearrangement process. After the analysis is completed, the planning stage starts, during which it is important to take into consideration the seven most important planning aspects. 1. The first and most important garden planning aspect is functionality. The garden plan should be
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created according to the functional zones of the territory. So the first task is to divide the garden into functional zones. Each garden has a representative zone. Usually it embraces the front yard and it is situated by the main entrance, where are the first views towards the property, when approaching it. The representative zone has a decorative meaning - it
should be appealing during the whole year. Therefore often evergreen plants are used in the representative area, plants, which have a beautiful silhouette, decorative leaves as well as annual flowers in the summer. Special decorative objects of art are also suggested to be placed in the representative zone of the garden. The recreational zone is a garden area,
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