and create a much firmer surface so you don't sink in Block Garden Paving What is it? Sometimes called setts, block paving and cobbles are available in all the same stones as slab paving, or as concrete blocks or bricks. Pros Can be laid around curves and used to create garden paths or edge details on
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areas of larger paving. Gives more scope for decorative designs and rustic charm in the garden. Lots of joins make the surface reasonably nonslip. Cons Laying is labour intensive and should be done by an expert. More joins mean there is more opportunity for edges to break. Garden Fencing What Type of
Fencing Is Right For You Garden fences are a great way to add a decorative and practical touch to the home. Enclosing a garden ensures that there are no pests that will eat away at your investment. Decorative features are another benefit that is had with the installation of a garden fence. Gardening is a
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