African waist beads are used as a means to highlight their sexuality. Many African women wear them to attract their husbands or lovers through the bead sounds and communicate their fertility during a particular time in the month. African continent Cheap Adidas NMD City Sock 2 PK , second largest and second-most populous in the world, is known to be the host of a variety of cultures and traditions. Even if it has been colonized by the foreign settlers, the rituals and customs of Africa have to remain preserved. When it comes to the wearing of different types of ornaments, beads find a special place with the African women. Since the 15th century, waist beads or belly beads are being worn by the African women and are indicative of different things and statuses. Traditionally Cheap Adidas NMD City Sock , they are used to showcase the maturity and growth of the girls and are worn for the first time when girls reach their menstruation stage. However, African waist beads have now become an important jewelry item and can be worn to celebrate different occasions.

Apart from symbolizing the growth of the women, waist beads are also used as a means to highlight their sexuality. Many African women wear them to attract their husbands or lovers through the bead sounds and communicate their fertility during a particular time in the month. It is done by putting bells and sweet perfume in the waist beads strands. Another important tradition behind the wearing of the waist beads is that majority of the African women still wear them to protect themselves from evil powers and negative energies. Different parts of Africa have different names for the waist beads such as Giri-Giri, Yomba, Jigida Cheap Adidas NMD Chukka , Jel-Jelli, Bin Bin, Ileke idi and Djalay Djalay.
Primitive African waist beads were made of materials like bone, teeth, and stones. Now Cheap Adidas NMD XR4 , you can find them in glass, ceramics, and gemstones in different colors, color combinations and designs usually, worn in a set of 3.

In order to wear the waist beads Cheap Adidas NMD XR1 , girls donít have to have slim size with a flat stomach. They can be worn easily by all the women irrespective of their body shapes and age. Still, many women use the waist beads as an indicator of weight gain or loss and pregnancy. If the beads roll lower on the waist and become tighter and higher on the waist, it means that women are gaining weight and it may be a sign of pregnancy too.

So, if you are interested in wearing African waist beads either as a part of tradition or just for fashion, you can buy them online. Many companies selling African clothing and items are selling African waist beads for girls through their websites.

LOS ANGELES Cheap Adidas NMD C2 , Aug. 11 (Xinhua) -- Dozens of current and former Google employees are considering bringing a class-action lawsuit against the tech giant over alleged gender discrimination and pay disparities against women, according to media reports.

Civil rights attorney James Finberg, representing the female employees, told the Guardian that he has interviewed about half of the 60 women who may be part of the lawsuit and, based on their testimony Cheap Adidas NMD R2 , found clear disparities and prejudices that hurt women at the company.

"They are concerned that women are channeled to levels and positions that pay less than men with similar education and experience," Finberg was quoted as saying by the Guardian in a Tuesday report.

Other women revealed their struggle to get promotions at Google due to a "culture that is hostile to women," Finberg added.

"Sixty people is a really small sample size," a Google spokesperson told the Guardian in reference to the women considering legal action. "There are always going to be differences in salary based on location, role and performance Cheap Adidas NMD R1 , but the process is blind to gender."

The latest development follows Google's firing of a male software engineer on Monday after he wrote a memo challenging the company's diversity policies.

James Damore argued in his 10-page memo that biological gender differences helped explain why women are underrepresented in tech companies. The memo, initially circulated internally, was leaked to the public over the weekend.

In response, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said portions of the memo "violate our Code of Conduct and cross the line by advancing harmful gender stereotypes in our workplace."

In April, the U.S. Department of Labor accused Google of systemic issues with equal pay.

"The government's analysis at this point indicates that discrimination against women in Google is quite extreme , even in this industry," a lawyer of the department said.

Google is not the only company with a sexism problem. The issue is rampant in Silicon Valley.

In January, it was Oracle in the hot seat when the Labor Department filed a lawsuit against it alleging the leading tech company has "a systemic practice of paying Caucasian male workers more than their counterparts in the same job title, which led to pay discrimination against female, African American and Asian employees."

In February Cheap Adidas NMD For Sale , ride-hailing service Uber was accused by former engineer Susan Fowler in a personal blog for fostering a toxic culture of sexism and harassment, a key event leading to the resignation of its CEO Travis Kalanick.?

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