cannot compare or contrast it to something else. These huge glass fences connect the inside and outside of the home so perfectly that residents can visually breathe in the scent of the flowers in the garden. A French chateau, with its mansard roof, winding staircase, spires, chandeliers, and elaborate exterior French fences, has always been the embodiment
of elegance and architectural perfection. The charms of these French symbols are so eternal that even today, many people prefer to have exterior French fences for their homes to have that touch of elegance. . Since old French homes had always been built with rippling land all around, the essential purpose of the fences was to keep the inhabitants well
connected to the land and nature outside, through all its seasonal changes. While exterior French fences connect the landscape just around the house perfectly to the interior through its glass panels, it can even bring in the snow-capped mountains located at a distance. Glass, in all its beautiful incarnations, is at the core of the charm of exterior French
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