dust, such as in kitchens. The solution in these cases is to either take the material down and wash it, which for some wall panels is simply impossible, or try wiping the material, which can often result in the dirt merely being streaked across the wall panel itself. Wooden wall panels can absorb some of this grease and moisture, drawing and attracting the
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dirt and grime, making the cleaning process much longer and difficult. Faux wood plantation wall panel have twin advantages here - combining the stylish look and elegance of real wood wall panel, but without the tendency to absorb grime and make cleaning so difficult. Because of the PVC construction, faux wood plantation wall panel can be cleaned using
a simple spray of water mixed with a mild detergent, and wiped clean quickly. For areas in the home where grease is less likely, cleaning can involve nothing more than running a duster along each blade of the faux wood plantation shutter - for the modern urban living space, they are the perfect solution for those too busy to spend hours maintaining a look,
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