"My brother brought me to Osrs gold when I was , and that I didn't know what I was doing at first at all," Settled says. "But I grew to appreciate it, I don't know why. It is a very satisfying game. You only need to make your character the best it can be, and that mindset has stayed with me since nowadays. That is what's so special about Runescape. Following the years it's been out, there are ways to make it fresh and interesting, and there is something precious about I believe. For me personally, I simply love reinventing it in a way where it keeps getting harder and harder."

After maxing the abilities on his principal character--who he played without using trading or banking, by the way--Settled chose to create a personality. He needed to pick the area that is right. Morytania is a place time is spent by players in, but this was far from the sole reason it was chosen by Settled.

"I went to a couple of different locations," he explains. "I ruled out the Cheap Runescape gold desert first because it did not have a lot of endgame content. Together with the continent of Zeah having so much content, I don't think I'd feel that limited, so I chose to go with a limiting area. That's where Morytania type of shines. It's kind of the area. I realize I am a bit biased , but it has an whole questline that is 99 percent completable within the region, it's so much unexplored content, so many quirks and market areas, an amazing endgame goal. I love it. It is probably my favourite area in Runescape. Before Swampletics, '' I do not think I looked at it the exact same way. I think that realization is probably pretty new.