have to replace them sooner than later.This is the real reason everyone should be using post caps on their fences. There are plenty of post caps on the market that are inexpensive and do a great job in the overall protection of your fence.You can get the nonslip over kind that can be glued or nailed to the top of the post, or the slip over kind that literally slip
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over the top of the post.If your fence post has been chopped off you may have to go with the nonslip over kind since there is no post left to slip over a cap. It is interesting that people seem to prefer the wood post caps and finials over the synthetic kind.They do last a good long time because they are made out of cedar and redwood, which are both
good woods for outdoor products.Once the wood cap is sealed with a recommended sealant you should not have any issues with water or insect damage getting to the sore of the post through the top. Do not forget to have some fun picking and choosing the style and kind of post cap along with a finial that will further set off the posts.You can go as
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