our laminate flooring, as less expensive laminate will not wear as well in these thoroughfares. We understand that there are many homeowners who have no problem diving into a laminate install themselves. Having said that, there are many products that can be offered that make these self installs go more smoothly. There are specific manufacturers that offer
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a better locking mechanism than others. A click together laminate is much easier to install than your traditional tap and look products. As a DIY though, be wary of products with the padding attached to the back. They can have more issues with joint integrity further down the road. Floor width and length are factors that many homeowners overlook when
choosing laminate flooring. Boards are available in either various, or fixed lengths. Various boards are mixed multiple lengths, whereas fixed boards are all the same length. Widths of the boards come in many different sizes. In addition, there are many different sheens to choose from, and this choice will be based on your personal taste. It is important to
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