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    With 82 games in the regular NHL season , and a potential 28 Stanley Cup playoff matches, hockey is one of the most demanding sports out there. Not only do teams play multiple matches each week, but they also spend large amounts of time on the road, traveling to other arenas across North America.RELATED: AGE BEFORE BEAUTY: 8 YOUNG NHL PLAYERS AND 7 VETERANS- WHO ARE THEY DATING?This puts a lot of pressure on the personal lives of players, and can be especially demanding for the NHL Players' wives. Whether they choose to travel and watch their husband's team or stay put at home and wait for them to come back, there are some basic rules that all NHL Wives need to follow.advertising10. Only Wives (And Kids) Are Allowed聽Into The Wives' Room via sportsnet.caThe Wives' Room is a room reserved for wives of hockey players to hang out and have a glass of wine before the match and between periods. It is also normally equipped with an area for their children to play.According to Sean Avery, this room is only for wives and serious girlfriends; any girlfriend who has not yet been seeing a player for at least a few months in ineligible to enter. The only way that聽a girlfriend gets accepted into the Wives' Room is by earning an invitation from one of the NHL Wives to attend an event that they are hosting, where the wives wear their husbands' jerseys. Until then, not even a hockey wife can invite a new girlfriend into their den.advertising9. Don't Expect A Stable Home Life via post-gazette.comWith so many last-minute trade deals and constant traveling when playing away, it would be unrealistic for any hockey wife to expect a stereotypical home life. As Jane MacDougall, wife of Kirk McClean put it, "I learned w

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