If anybody else like me hasn’t yet figured out how to use a satnav as a pedestrian in London – why is it so hard to first figure out which way up the map is? You end up heading where you think it is telling you to go and have to wait for the arrow to follow suit and confirm you are reading it the right way up! Somehow it just isn’t the same as the good Donte Jackson Panthers Jersey , old A – Z. At least with it there in front of you, it seems easier to figure out where to go.

I know it is unwieldy and gets a bit battered stuck in a handbag or briefcase or glove box of the car, and can be an unnecessary weight to carry round. Plus, it just doesn’t suggest polish or chic when you pull it out in public to scour the battered pages? I have a case for my iPad, one for my phone, so why can’t I have one for my A – Z? Something smart, uber cool and “out there” that gives me the A – Z in a smaller but still easily readable format? Well, I was surfing the web having a look Derwin James Chargers Jersey , as you do, and there, on www.thomaslyte, I found exactly what I wanted. It’s amazing. Thomas Lyte is a leather atelier – quality goods (previously only available in the exclusive Burlington Arcade in London but now, lucky for me, online! There amongst the beautiful handbags, Man bags, wallets Derrius Guice Redskins Jersey , purses and other gifts was a compact, A5 sized A – Z bound in the softest looking leather cover and it was in my favourite “now” colour, hot fuchsia pink. It’s made of the softest calf leather and just so stylish and chic. As a professional with the accessories, this is right up there. The colour range available is very this coming season and I think I have just found the perfect gift for special friends at Christmas or for birthdays! For now, I will bag my fuchsia pink, leather A-Z and let everyone lust after it! Thomas Lyte will be my best secret!

Since I was on the site, I thought I may as well take a peek at the handbags – after all, a girl does need something decent to store her leather A – Z in….she needs a matching handbag. At least that was going to be my excuse! Well Deon Cain Jaguars Jersey , a choice between an Eliza, Grace or Phoebe bag or perhaps a Kitty Tote? OMG, it’s a bit of a dilemma. Each is available in a contrasting colour – mustard with my fuchsia pink A – Z, so this season. Even nude or in sea green, the handbags are perfect mates for my A – Z. I know they are at the higher end of the market pricewise. But when you look at the bags, you see exquisite leatherwork, the simple, clean lines of the design that allows the craftsmanship to shine through that marks them out as special. They are as current and stylish as those produced by Victoria Beckam Denzel Ward Browns Jersey , Moschini and other top designers but without the celebrity mark up in price. To me, the more discreetly branded, the more it screams good taste. Thomas Lyte is a class outfit – customers find Thomas Lyte or hear about it word of mouth or like me, are lucky enough to stumble upon it! Now I am in the know, I can spot other fans on the street because I first admire see quality and then zoom in on the discreet, yet classy logo that all of the leather goods feature. I love my fuschia leather A – Z and in September, I will be toting it about in the “soon to be mine” handbag. Just as soon as I get over the “Daddy, chips….chips Darius Leonard Colts Jersey , Daddy” syndrome of which one to choose!

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