ArtsDecoding Techniques of Martial Arts
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Martial arts are traditions and codified systems of combat practices. These techniques are taught for the purpose of self-defence, physical fitness, competition mental and spiritual development as well as to keep the heritage and culture of our ancestors alive by passing it to next generation. By technical focus, martial arts can be classified into two categories namely unarmed and weapon based. Unarmed martial arts consist of punching, kicking Ronnie Harrison Hat , throwing, pinning techniques, joint lock etc.

Various Types of Martial Arts

It is an area of unarmed martial arts which teaches the technique of countering the opponent to gain physical advantage, such as escaping, improving relative position Telvin Smith Hat , or knocking off the opponent. Hapkido techniques are Korean form of grappling used as self-defence that employs joint locks, throwing and other martial arts. Sometimes use of traditional weapons like knife, sword, rope etc. are required depending on particular tradition. Hapkido is a combination of long and short range battle techniques emphasising on jumping kicks, pressure point Blake Bortles Hat , throws and percussive hand strikes.

The rope dart or rope javelin is Chinese form of martial arts used in long range combat. The dart is usually made of iron or steel, it can be of variable weight, size and shape depending on the user. It allows the user to throw the dart at the opponent not in immediate reach and pulling the rope back to retrieve the dart. The technique of rope dart is a Chinese tradition which has been passed on to next generation since long ago. It takes great skills to become a rope dart master and handle these deadly weapons easily.

Kung Fu is another form of Chinese martial arts which is practiced for strengthening the mind and body. Originally Kung Fu refers to any skill or discipline achieved through hard work and patience. The regular practice of Kung Fu not only brings physical fitness but also helps in spiritual awakening. Some of the legends like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan gave the world incredible Kung Fu demo and taught us that anything can be achieved with sheer dedication.

The Master user of The Sash

Tom Fazio also called Tom Fazio Sash is a mind-body trainer, martial arts instructor and the founder of Weightlessness Training. He is known for using sashes in martial arts which are ideal developing awareness, agility and a fluid A.J. Bouye Hat , adaptive mind. Practicing the sash requires a meditative mind and it is the best tool to become fully present, sensitive and awakening of inner conscience. His well-known creation “Weightlessness in 100” has been sold worldwide and it is inspiration to many fitness seeking youths.

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Riding a motorcycle can also be fun plus a thrilling adventure but once safety just isn’t exercised, this fun, in no time, can turn out to be a horror. According to the statistics out there with United States National Highway Visitors Safety Administration Myles Jack Hat , 70 motorcycles out of 100,000 registered motorcycles had been involved in an accident. Also, numerous independent studies were carried out which reported at least 72% of motorcycles have been involved in crashes and out of these at least 40% have been cases of driving under influence of alcohol. Even with several repeated warnings, many motorcyclists have a tendency to obtain no regard for rules. This disregard has caused accidents that will be avoided with safe driving.

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Precautionary Measures to Survive Motorcycle Crash

Speed Limit
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Smallest Vehicle
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