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For a mobility challenged person, even the simple task of getting in and out of the shower no longer remains mundane. It actually becomes combo of dangerous and tricky maneuvers that are just too much of a hassle to handle every day. It is always advisable for people dealing with disabilities to change their surroundings Clayton Keller Womens Jersey , especially their homes to suit their changed mobility needs. Bathrooms and shower areas especially deserve special attention in these circumstances. This article will tell you more about making a home more accessible with specially designed handicap accessible showers.

Why not regular showers?

Regular showers are designed with a curb that is usually a few inches in height. This overstep is put in place to keep the bath water from running all over the bathroom floor. It also acts as a means of visually separating the shower area from the rest of the bathroom space. There may also be a shower door or curtain installed to keep the water inside and provide more privacy to the user. But when you consider the same space being used by a wheelchair bound individual or a mobility challenged person, you begin to understand that the design is impractical. The shower curb only ends up being an obstruction for the wheelchair which means a person will have to get out of the wheelchair and make their way to the bench inside the shower area a task that will need them to take help from someone else. The shower doors or curtains will also be a hazard something that a mobility challenged individual can easily trip over. The floor surfaces will be slippery and storage shelves would be at standing height making it even tougher for a seated person to reach. All in all Jason Demers Jersey , a regular shower is just not right for a handicapped individual.

How handicap accessible showers help?

Handicap accessible showers are designed with the special needs of disabled individuals in mind. First of all, they remove the obstructive shower curb to allow users to wheel themselves inside the bathing area without any issues. Handicap showers are designed with textured surfaces Louis Domingue Jersey , especially on the floor to provide better grip to users while they stand or sit while bathing. Built-in shower benches are also available that a user may hoist themselves into for taking a bath. Storage spaces are designed to be within easy reach and special grab bars and handle bars are also available for users to take support from when moving around. All in all, handicap showers have everything necessary to ensure that a mobility challenged individual can take a safe and comfortable bath without having to compromise on their dignity or independence. Bath time is now something that they can enjoy with full privacy and comfort without the need to take help from anyone else. And THAT happens to be a major confidence booster.

So if you are a disabled individual yourself or are living with a loved one facing mobility challenges Alex Goligoski Jersey , making your home handicap accessible with a handicap accessible shower is definitely a good idea.

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