Comunio is an entertainment for soccer managers. The player can take the part of a virtual group Cheap Nicolas Pareja Jersey , whose points are derived by the existent results of sport tournaments. This concept was started in Germany in the 20002001 spring, at first based on the German Football League. Right now, the game offers separate versions based on different nations and worldwide championships in football and additional sports such as Grand Prixes or winter games. Its authors estimate that the amount of users is approximately 800,000 players and their web is among the 150 most used sites in Spain. is the web of the version of the game of the Spanish Football Event. It is play by associations Cheap Michael Krohn-Dehli Jersey , with friends or other casual users, and requires abilities in administration, auctions and invest in players and an acceptable knowledge of the current circumstances, because you must work out a fresh lineup per round.

Comunio Rules:
– The winner will be whoever has the most points at the completion of the winter.
– To be informed the points of each day you have to go to the site called “puntos comunio”.
– Simply those players who are in the lineup win points. You have to tell your lineup before the opening of the evening. The precise target date is in the Timetable.
– Delivers are completed on one occasion an evening. If you make any recruit Cheap Mariano Jersey , it will be done active the following afternoon.
– As long as transfers are made each midnight, you can sell or get players at any period of the evening, but before the following evening you will not win the money or the athlete.
– If you offer your athlete on the transfer market for 0 euros, the player will be erased from your team in the next transfer period Cheap Marco Andreolli Jersey , no matter if you accept an offer or not. You will not get any bucks for the team player!
– If you purchase a participant, the payment is instantly taken out from your account. If you trade, you will receive the money in the following transfer time.
– If you’re in negative numbers at the opening of the day you will not win any point on that day. The beginning of the round is on Saturday in the morning.
– After each day you will acquire 10,000 for each point scored. In case you get a negative score you will not lose payment.
– At the opening of the tournament Cheap Luismi Jersey , depending on the association you will receive a random assigned team with 2 goalkeepers, 2 defenders, six midfielders and 3 strikers, or no players and a better opening capital.
– You will win minus 4 points for each empty spot on the day. However Cheap Kevin Gameiro Jersey , if all spots are unoccupied you will get zero points.


In the end, Comunio is a highly addictive game which is played by tons of people, not only in Spain, but all over the planet. If you like football and you are an admirer of the Spanish League you have to take it to the next degree and begin playing today. Go look for some classmates and illustrate them how the game works (you can talk about this article) and begin a personal community. If you can’t find any familiar to play with Cheap Jose Antonio Reyes Jersey , just go to the forums and sign up in an open community where you can play with other people, but you can have fun anyway.

Don’t loss the oportunity to begin playing Comunio today. Get more info at this blog of Comunio and the Puntos Comunio web.

Caralluma is among one of those supplements that is definitely fast proving itself to be a compelling as well as simple technique to burn fat. However, we have seen many of the people out there during couple of years as well as the question is: You need to this supplement is very a lot better than each of the others?

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