KHARTOUM Cheap Packers T-Shirts , Oct. 22 (Xinhua) -- United Nations African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) on Sunday announced that it has been reducing its military personnel in Sudan's Darfur.

Some 1,440 military personnel and 240 police components have been reduced in line with the newly adopted UN Security Council Resolution (2363).

"Since the beginning of the reconfiguration process, two battalions of the mission's military components, a Nigerian and Pakistani Cheap Packers Hoodie , each with 720 personnel, have been reduced," Ashraf Eissa, spokesperson of UNAMID's Joint Special Representative (JSR) Customized Packers Jerseys , said at a press conference.

"Two police units, a Bangladesh and a Senegalese, each with 120 personnel, have also been reduced Cheap Packers Jerseys ," he added.

He confirmed that the ongoing Phase 1 of the reconfiguration process is expected to be completed by January 2018.

"At the end of Phase 1, we will be reducing our authorized ceiling for uniformed personnel to 11,395 military and 2,888 police Brett Hundley Packers Jersey ," he added.

Phase 2 involves a further reduction of military personnel to 8,735 and police personnel to 2,500 by June 30, 2018 Kyler Fackrell Packers Jersey , noted Eissa, adding that by the end of January 2018, there will be a review of Phase 1, following which Phase 2 shall commence.

In the meantime Jason Spriggs Packers Jersey , the spokesperson stated that the mission has closed 11 team sites across Darfur according to the timelines provided by the UN headquarters in New York and the Security Council.

The UN Security Council has recently adopted Resolution (2363) on reconfiguration of the UNAMID in two phases, each lasts six months.

The UNAMID is considered the second biggest peacekeeping mission in the world, after the UN Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In 2008, the UNAMID was deployed in Darfur JK Scott Packers Jersey , a region that has been witnessing military clashes between the Sudanese army and the rebels since 2003.

UN statistics shows that the clashes have left 300,000 dead and displaced around 2.5 million others.

MELBOURNE, Sept. 27 (Xinhua) -- A public holiday for one of Victoria's biggest sporting events could cost the state's economy up to 760 million US dollars, business groups have warned.

Victoria's Premier, Daniel Andrews, has set aside a public holiday for this Friday, the day before the Australian Football League (AFL) Grand Final, as he did last year.

Despite the day being declared a success in 2015, small business owners have continued to warn that the holiday could be crippling for their companies.

James Thompson, CEO of Hazeldene's Chicken, said the holiday would add 148,000 US dollars to the company's wage bill due to Victorian employees being paid double time and a half.

"We operate on a national scale so any impact that one state does against others puts us at a disadvantage," Thompson told News Limited on Tuesday.

"We are trying to dip our toe into a global market through exports and that just puts additional costs on to our production, which makes us less competitive.

"Costs such as additional public holidays only serve to put additional financial stress on business, which ultimately leads to the loss of jobs."

A study by consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) found that lost production from the holiday would account for between 546 million and 684 million US dollars in addition to up to 217 million US dollars lost in additional wage costs.

In research published on Monday, the Australian Industry Research Group (Ai Group) found that 61 per cent of 80 businesses surveyed would close on Friday and would suffer an average income loss of 12,000 US dollars.

The Ai Group study forecast a smaller economic loss than 2015 when 85 per cent of businesses closed and had an average loss of 43,000 US dollars.

"Some companies have decided they simply have no choice but to open, often because of national responsibilities or the need to keep faith with customers," Tim Piper, Victorian head of the Ai Group, said.

"They will need to pay huge penalty rates ... as the consequences of closing are simply too great."

A spokesperson for Andrews said critics "won't be happy until all public holidays were scrapped."

"Grand Final Friday is here to stay because it allows hard-working Victorians to spend more time with their loved ones," the spokesperson said.

"Last year's holiday was an overwhelming success."

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