People of Wa Ethnic Group Tribe dance in this file photo.
The musical The Wa Ethnic Group Tribe from Pu'er city Saquon Barkley Jersey , Yunnan province, recently premiered at the National Center for the Performing Arts and is on a national tour in other 11 cities, including Shanghai, Hangzhou and Shenyang.

The 80-minute performance demonstrates the Wa people's myths Cheap New York Giants Hats , legends, rituals, traditions and norms, and aims to promote Pu’er as a destination as well as the city’s ethnic group culture.

All of the around 100 performers are from the Wa ethnic group. They range from professional dancers to folk artists to farmers Cheap New York Giants T-Shirts , and they showcase the tribe’s history and respect for nature.

Audiences can not only enjoy the traditional Wa ethnic group's musical instruments and melodies, but also the group’s beautiful traditional costumes and accessories.

BOGOTA, May 19 (Xinhua) -- Colombia's presidential election campaign closed Sunday, a week before voters are scheduled to cast their ballot on May 25.

Incumbent President Juan Manuel Santos called on Colombians to vote for him if they want to see the country at peace Cheap New York Giants Hoodie , after his administration began a peace process with FARC guerrillas in 2012.

The other candidates are the Democratic Center's Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, the Green Party's Enrique Penalosa, the left-wing Polo Democratic's Clara Lopez and the Conservative Party's Marta Lucia Ramirez.

Zuluaga convened a press conference to defend himself after Semana magazine revealed a video showing the candidate meeting an illegal hacker.

"The video is part of a vulgar political set-up that aims to smear our campaign and it is no coincidence that it was published when we lead the polls and the president-candidate is falling," Zuluaga said.

Penalosa ended his campaign with a bike ride through the Colombian capital city of Bogota Customized New York Giants Jersey , where he called on Zuluaga to renounce his candidacy over the video scandal, claiming Zuluaga lied to the country when he said he had no connection with the illegal hacker.

Lopez asked the courts to "do their job" and investigate cases of illegal infiltration by Zuluaga's campaign and alleged drug money in Santos's campaign back in 2010.

Ramirez ended her campaign among crowds in the city of Ubate, located in the central Cundinamarca department, where she sought support from Colombians in a bid to become the country's first woman president.

Candidates are now preparing for a series of public debates scheduled for the coming week after which Colombians will decide who will lead the Andean country until 2018.

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