helpful information on which deck window treatments are available and which ones should be used depending on the type of glass, patio deck. French decks, which consist of two glass decks opening in the middle, are very tricky to decorate. The problem with finding window treatments for French decks is the positioning of the handles, which makes
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them stick out. To overcome this problem of protruding decorative handles choose a window treatment that will hang flush against the deck. Some possible window treatments that will fit snug against French decks are roller shades with standard roll option and one inch wood blinds. Both of these window coverings are not too deep and therefore will
not interfere with the use of the handles. Another concern with decorating French decks is how often you will be adjusting the blinds or shades. If you will be opening the French deck blinds or shades frequently you will want something that is easy to use and if you will be leaving them closed you can add brackets to hold the bottom closed. Sliding glass
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