First, what is grumpy support about? I thought it was a funny name so I bought it. Its as simple as that. Later I decided it could be a fun place for various discussions about all kinds of things. There is a technical support section, I will do what I can to answer questions, but everyone is encouraged to show your skills and lend a hand where required. To set this site apart though, no one is required to be a sweet loving soul. You cannot be abusive of your peers here, but you don't need to worry about getting penalized for a lack of sweetness. This is GRUMPY support after all. An answer of "hey if you googled that before asking you might have found your answer" is perfectly acceptable.

I work in support every day. I have worked in customer service for most of my working life. I am tired of helpless users and system admins getting corporations to bend over backwards to help them all because they refuse to read the manual. So, I wanted a place where RTFM was a proper response.

So, welcome to grumpy support. I have no specific design on the kinds of topics that will be discussed here. If someone wants a butterfly section, we will probably have a butterfly section.

I also have, from time to time, an opinion on news events. I wanted a place to present my opinions on those events, for instance when a plane crashes and the news is portraying the events incorrectly, I like to spout off about what I think really happened. That sort of thing will go on a lot I suspect.

I am also hoping to create a kind of comic strip about technical support, or customer service, or both. It would be humorous, and for those who work in those jobs, all too familiar. Hard part is to not make it a dilbert knock off. so I am working on it. But that's in the plans as well.

Thanks for dropping by, this place is yours, feel free to make requests.