tree with high social status is planted, for instance teak, oak, hua Limu, northeast china ash. But ought to give in commodity name specification, call for instance " 1X3 Tongue And Groove Porch Floor teak sticks face plywood " , or " northeast china ash " section plywood, or " cherry wood plaque " . A few kinds say the law is medium " stick a face " , "Section " , "Plaque " can use, mirrorred " facing board " , "Masked board " main feature. But

cannot with teak three-ply board,Find The Best Service Teak Decking the abbreviation such as three-ply board of northeast china ash. Because of the face plate of these plywood, if motherboard acts the role of teak, northeast china ash make, OK such appellation, should say to stick a face conversely " , "Section " , "Plaque " . Another kind of problem is, these " masked board " manufacturing furniture increasingly grow in quantity, best Stair treads although these furniture

have " teak " the idea that waits for Mu Wen, but the lumber of overall furniture is other lumber is made, and be in nowadays shop general these furniture coronals with " Qu Mu furniture " , "Cherry wood furniture " sale, this is basic error, it may not be a bad idea of alleged teak furniture, annatto furniture it may not be a bad idea,balcony flooring eco-friendly ought to be all wool and a yard wide real wood furniture, whole is made with these