impetus is very apparent. For example every stere makes an appointment with Korean pine of old way class to be controlled for 1300 yuan, bai Song fluctuates in 700 yuan, energy saving and durable wpc chair bar material of treatment of northeast china ash is in 1200 yuan the following. Level of this kind of price relatively fastigium drops extent is in one, 200 yuan. As to pine of fallen leaves of such as of product of other the highroad, camphor tree

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logy inadequacy, especially our country the Yangtse River, Yellow River reachs northwest area with north, basically use northeast material and material of the Qing Dynasty build flower box for outdoor ethiopia name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning, beg so buy lag, the price also go up not to go. 2 it is area of Russia far east endless winter all is his select peak period of cutting material exercise, cut down amount is large, supply sufficient, goods