materials appoint wall of director Huang Shumou, country changes do Ma Rong of office vice director to attend a meeting speech. According to not complete count, at present of all kinds small waterproof roof decking qualitative plate produces per year our country the quantity amounts to 200 million square metre, breed and quality photograph should increase somewhat and rise, the change that integrates architecture system began plank application

research. But building board also is faced with free decking mattress " big and not strong " the intense competition with the market. Huang Shumou points out, the development that builds plank still has very large space. He hopes various places wants to select accurate dominant product, development dimensions is changed, product line of mechanization, automation, eliminate the mill type production with backward technology, raise Wooden Boat Deck Replacement Materials product q

uality and technical level, strengthen applied technology research, positive research and development all sorts of outside wallboard, the fast health that promotes whole industry develops. Ma Rong affirmed building board in the speech the position in new-style wall material and energy-saving to the building individual action, she hopes Garden Composite Wood Tile For Sale to seize opportunity, go up class, on dimensions, accelerate building board