examines quarantine bureau learns, examine quarantine personnel is opposite a batch to come from Congo (cloth) when log lumber undertakes quarantine, intercept composite panel siding and capture a kind of body length the infrequent long-corn of 18 millimeter. Hind via affirming, the evil living things that this kinds of long-corn intercepts and capture first for the whole nation adds up to beautiful horn

long-corn. Long-corn of horn vinyl tongue and groove stained wood look adding up to a flower is in commonly truncal inside live through the winter, in larva truncal, branch reachs corrode of period eat by moth a ministry, the growth that affects tree development. Once pass into, will cause serious harm to production of our country forestry and zoology environment. Entrance of lumber of October pacify Jianggang cheap plastic floor outdoors breaks through 3 million

before Before this year 10 months, accumulative total of bank of pacify river harbor imports log 3.09 million, grow 15.8% compared to the same period, this is lumber of entrance of one piece patio deck floor bank of pacify river harbor first advanced 10 months break through 3 million, achieved the history new tall. Bank of pacify river harbor is the important distribution centre of log of our country marine