<P>Paint the floor, will be more smooth, more clean, more glossy. The daily cleaning of the composite wood floor is very simple, just use a vacuum cleaner,бесплатные планы строительства напольной крыши над колодой with a damp cloth, mop can be wiped, pay attention to the mop can not be too wet, should be used after wringing. The surface of the composite wood floor has a very thin layer of crystalline aluminum oxide wear layer, wear layer damage will cause damage to the floor.</P>
<P>Therefore, such as composite wood flooring accidentally nail polish, ink, wine and other pollution,модульный легкий материал для настила лодки should immediately use nail polish cleaning agent and other cleaning agents scrub clean, do not use sandpaper polished, with caution cleaning agents and other chemicals, do not wax , Paint to prevent damage to the surface wear layer.</P>
<P>If part of the composite wood flooring is damaged, need to be updated, the damaged part of the demolition, in accordance with the installation process to re-install,Забор цепи из ПВХ в малайзии should pay attention to the handling of the new board transfer part, the old board sticks should be removed clean.</P>