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Thread: wood into the rosewood

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    wood into the rosewood

    <p>whether the traditional red sandalwood furniture in the wood, and now there is no conclusion. For decades, wood scientists have clarified the above points of view, and rosewood tree species has reached a consensus. In the mahogany national standard (GB / T 18107-2000) promulgated in 2000, only the origin of the sandalwood </p>
    <p>sandalwood (Pterocarpus santalinus) in India is defined as rosewood, the wood of the Dalbergia is included in the woody wood category, Rosewood other parts of the wood into the rosewood class, which is China's traditional furniture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties is consistent with the situation. In the history of the West, the ancient </p>
    <p>Solomon sanctuary was used to describe the Almug, and the precious wood came from Ophir, a region where we could not be sure. On the specific location of the Oliver Historical geographers are controversial, that in the Middle East, India or Eastern Africa. In the World Forestry Journal published in 1995, D. W.Roubik wrote that the </p>
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