<p>study. First, the timely closure of wood to prevent wood dry summer decoration, due to the large amount of water in the air, many consumers usually put the ventilation in the air, dry water, but in the autumn decoration to try to avoid this practice, because Autumn dry climate, when the wood on the ventilated air, the wood will be quickly lost </p>
<p>water, the surface dry, there are small cracks. Therefore, for high-grade decorative panel beech, used to do the edge of the wood line to do the sealing oil treatment, locked wood moisture will not be lost. After the processing of wood, but also as soon as possible the surface of the oil, if the wood within the water loss, wood line will </p>
<p>shrink, may also affect the appearance of decorative panels. Second, the taboo dry air caused by paint loss in the fall, the treatment of the wall surface and the summer is a big difference. Now home decoration walls, mostly brush paint. Summer air humid, in order to make the wall as soon as possible through the open and open the doors and </p>
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