<p>more customers for the ethnic group, to create a win-win market interests. In the product homogeneity, channel homogenization, terminal homogenization, promotion of homogeneity, marketing homogenization of today, many traditional industries will be differentiated marketing as a straw, and formed a heterogeneous alliance has become a </p>
<p>lot of businesses Seeking the 'blue ocean'. As a long-standing 'take advantage of marketing' history, rich 'concept marketing' experience in the Chinese flooring industry, play 'heterogeneous Union' this card to attract users to seize as much as possible market share seems to be sooner or later. Flooring Industry Alliance? To find an </p>
<p>alternative spokesperson I do not know is not a coincidence, the two floor giant elephant and nature invariably choose the home appliance industry in the category of TV as their own business alliance object. One is known as the national brand of the first brand of Changhong Electronics, one is the internationally renowned home appliance </p>
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