as an essential commerce industry all along. In recent years, wood imports and exports presents driving growth trend, proved this domain what is wpc outdoor is put in the market potential with very big move. Forestry is reached as the economic progress with a lot of burgeoning main countries promote green mild trade, in the whole world economically

contribution restrains 6 one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two dollars; rubber wall panels interior Took global gross domestic product (GDP) hundred. According to world bank (World Bank) forecast, to till 2050, the whole world will be climbed to the demand of lumber and wood litre to 4 times

taller than now. In addition, inside 20 years of future, forestry market predicts the supply of this area and demand will have huge change,HOT SALES Most popular Wholesale Price WPC decking affect the relevant trade of international and home namely. Southeast Asia is having the 2nd old tropical forest of world, have very rich forest resource, and large-scale lumber machines industry.wpc deck board