<p>structure, stable housing prices an important measure to increase investment, speed up construction progress, Project construction made positive progress. As of the end of August, affordable housing has started 2.2 million units, accounting for 75% of the annual plan; all shantytowns to rebuild 1.9 million units, accounting for 65% of the annual </p>
<p>plan. Among them, low-rent housing operating rate of 75%, public rental housing operating rate of 85%, urban shantytowns operating rate of 70%. This year, affordable housing project has completed an investment of 470 billion yuan. It is understood that this year the state to determine the construction of affordable housing and </p>
<p>shantytowns to rebuild housing 5.8 million units, transformation of rural housing 1.2 million, is the largest year over the years. The construction of affordable housing project has played an important role in accelerating the settlement of the housing difficulties of the masses, stabilizing the housing consumption expectation, adjusting the housing </p>
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