<P>1, solid wood flooring: solid wood flooring maintenance to be more complex, usually floor pavement finished, it is best to paint in a week. There are two ways to paint,outdoor foam pvc decks wax or paint. In accordance with experience, waxing way to protect the floor, because the wax can penetrate into the wood, to prevent its rot or deformation.</P>
<P>2, laminate flooring: laminate flooring maintenance is relatively simple, usually just half dry mop to wipe on the line, try to avoid the damp and too sharp, too hot items on the floor damage. Some special dirt can be cleaned with a soft cleaner or warm water immediately,wood plastic composite deckingoutdoor deck never use a lot of water to clean the floor. Do not need waxing and paint, should not be polished with sandpaper. Because the laminate flooring surface has been relatively smooth, the brightness is also better, waxing will be superfluous.</P>
<P>3, composite wood flooring: composite wood flooring surface is a very thin layer of crystalline aluminum oxide wear layer, so sandpaper, cleaning agents,decorative outdoor fence baluster wrought iron baluster etc. should be used with caution to prevent damage to the surface wear layer. For light-colored composite wood flooring, Taomi water is useful, with a rag dipped in a direct wipe on the floor, 5 minutes after the wipe with a dry cloth can be. If it is wax and chewing gum, put the ice on the top for a while, so that the frozen shrink,low price waterproof wpc external wall panel and then gently blowing, and then wipe with a wet cloth or a cloth on the amount of floor cleaning agent wipe.</P>