<p>lot of sheet metal business opportunities. As a result, some small and medium-sized plate enterprises and sheet traders in order to meet the needs of some plate enterprises, deliberately brand 'foreign', or their own whitewash into an import brand of domestic production base. The former will be the brand 'foreign', to their own products to take </p>
<p>a so-called national origin of the brand name, and in fact even if a country does not have this brand. But this situation is in the blind of our demand for sheet metal business, so that they seem to not pay the price of foreign brands pay, but actually do not get the brand effect. While the latter? Despite its high-profile claim that it is an import brand </p>
<p>of domestic production base, but still difficult to clean up the essence of its failure, the real quality, usually only barely meet the relevant national requirements, but even worse, the quality is far from Compliance, the consumer has no responsibility at all. In this, the author to do the furniture industry management consulting for many years of </p>
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