Vegas Tips: Fly the #1 Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour Travel Articles | May 4 Replica Netherland Soccer Jerseys , 2011
The most famous Las Vegas helicopter ride? It's the one that flies to the base of the Grand Canyon for a Champagne brunch. But book this journey in advance. It's totally popular and sells out very quickly.?

Travelling to Vegas and wish to experience the magnificence of the Grand Canyon? Have I got the heli tour for you. It lands at the bottom of the West Rim and comes with a Champagne picnic. This can be a most stunning way to experience the canyon. And the most in-demand. RSVP this trip now and lock down seats before they sell out.?
This heli tour departs daily and takes less than an hour to cover the 120 miles of Mojave Desert that divides Las Vegas from Grand Canyon West. On the way, you'll fly over Lake Mead, the nation's largest reservoir, and Hoover Dam Custom Netherland Soccer Jerseys , the second biggest dam in the country.?
You're in canyon country once the chopper crests Grand Cliffs Wash. It's really a triumphant moment. Here you drop into the western-most portion of the canyon and start the 4,000- foot descent to the bottom. My digital slr was operating overtime at this point as our heli flew between buttes, escarpments, plateaus and escarpments. I couldn't take my finger away from the button. The scene from the chopper window was gorgeous and surreal. Few people gets this opportunity as flying beneath the rim is only allowed at the West Rim.?
Our chopper settled on a dirt landing pad which was situated about 100 yards from the banks of the Colorado River. We got out of the chopper Authentic Netherland Soccer Jerseys , covered our heads and walked over to a authentic Indian Ramada. Our picnic of bread, cheese, fruit and other delicious finger-foods was waiting. I skipped breakfast and was starving. Our Champagne flutes were filled. One English man made a wonderful toast.?
I followed a path to the banks of the river. There were many kinds of cactus. I did not expect this. The trail cut through a forest of Salt Cedar and chirping birds. I could hear the river and my heart raced. I bounded out of the vegetation and here it was. The mighty Colorado River. The force that runs 277 miles through the National Park, eroding the canyon ever deeper to this very day.
At the base Netherland Soccer Jerseys For Sale , you'll see for yourself just how massive the canyon's walls are. They tower above you for nearly a mile. Endangered California Condors soared over us on invisible vortexes. Clouds swept from one side of the gorge to the other. I considered taking the boat tour but passed. I had plans to see Jersey Boys this evening and couldn't tarry. I made a note to myself to do it next time.
Our group loaded back into the heli. I got lucky and got the front seat. This is a big deal because our chopper was an EcoStar 130. It includes 180-degree wraparound windshields and theater-style seating. These machines are quiet, extremely fast and offer one of the smoothest flights you'll ever take. Plus the flooring below my feet was clear. I felt like I was flying the aircraft as we lifted out of the canyon and made our way back to Vegas.?
I highly recommend that you reserve this heli tour in advance. There are a limited number of choppers and each one seats only six people. During spring and summer these flights are full. I've seen people arrive at the terminal on stand-by and leave empty-handed. Further, purchase the tour on-line. Doing this can reduce the retail price by 25 percent!?
The #1 Vegas helicopter tour? The West Rim Champagne Picnic! This flight has a number of names but they all do exactly the same thing: Fly to the bottom of the Grand Canyon for a Champagne brunch. It's a spectacular trip and one that can ONLY be done from Vegas. It's a very exceptional flight. Make sure you don't leave Las Vegas without having done it. Automated Fare Collection System Market Enhances the Performance During Forecast 2018-2025

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