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      by Published on 08-07-2013 02:36 PM

      Grumpy support is brand new. I work in support for a major corporate software house and I can get ... grumpy. After almost 20 years doing various levels of support I have learned the customer is not always right, in fact I know I have a job because they are not right. But, that's getting into a long winded rant too early .... This site is here for many reasons, but at its core is to provide a community for those who provide support for others. Whether it is technical support, consulting, bar tending, house cleaning, nursing, whatever, all of us that work in the background have some fun stories about our various tasks.

      While it would be bad to name names, companies, and in some cases the specific products, we can still tell our stories safely and share the humor. So, without naming names, keeping in mind that your boss might read this, share your stories and learn that you are not alone. We all have a bunch of stories to tell. This is the place to do it.

      Since most of us are computer oriented people by nature, this site can also be a place for finding answers to questions about a variety of technical topics. From computers to home theaters to photography, whatever is troubling you feel free to discuss. If we can help I'm sure we will find an answer for you.

      In keeping with the name, Grumpy Support, a perfectly valid answer might be to google it. Don't go all helpless on us or you might become the subject of one of the stories. However, just because we might be a little grumpy is no excuse to flame or otherwise attack others, keep it friendly, everyone is here for the same reasons, to find others of a similar background and attitude.

      So, welcome aboard and post lots. This site is brand new, if it is lacking something you want to see in this kind of community, by all means ask for it to be added in the enhancements forum.